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New Manager: The Basics and More of Being a Great Leader

Go from a slightly uncertain, confused newbie to a confident, skilled manager who builds and leads effective teams.
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Markus Amanto
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A step by step guide to your first 94 days as a manager
Communicate directly and clearly
Give and receive constructive feedback
Recognize different stages in a group's development
Adjust own behavior related to the development stage of the group
Understand the need for and use of different leadership styles
Set clear and effective guidelines for team behavior
Distinguish between management and leadership
Understand and manage conflicts
Clarify expectations and focus efforts of the team
Acknowledge colleagues in a way that supports healthy work relationships
Understand how values influence relationships and leadership
Work with reflection and learning, individually and in a team
Motivate individuals and teams in a productive way
Build trust and successful work relationships
Excel in the management role with its unique demands and expectations
Planning the operations of your team
Coaching your coworkers to better performance, well-being and results
Effective delegation of tasks

Learn the basic concepts, tools and skills that you will need to become successful as a manager. Learn how to build and lead effective teams through both the easy and the hard times.

Build a strong foundation for your successful leadership with this comprehensive course

  • Get a great start with a detailed guide to your first 94 days as a manager
  • Learn to communicate clearly and how to work with constructive feedback.
  • Recognize and use group dynamics for better results.
  • Manage conflicts and relationships in a productive, energy efficient way.
  • Build motivated and self-learning teams with a high level of trust.
  • Learn how to best manage the demands and expectations of the management role.
  • Learn practical skills such as operations planning with your team, delegation and coaching

Time and Energy Saving Knowledge and Skills at Your Disposal

This course is built on more than 25 years experience with training new and experienced managers from all corners of the world.

Successful managers have all invested in their leadership skills. These skills are often what makes or breaks a new manager.

Content and Overview

I designed this course to be easily understood and applied by absolute beginners. The course has over 35 downloadable resources that you can use for future reference, including guides, checklists, textbooks, illustrations and assessments.

It is complete with easy-to-digest theories, models and practical examples. A total of 16 sections with over 120 lectures filled with proven tips and tricks. And there is a quiz at the end of each section to help you grasp the key concepts.

You will walk away from this course with a solid toolbox of skills and knowledge that you can use to succeed in your new management role.

You will be able to communicate more clearly, give and receive constructive feedback and manage conflicts. You will understand group dynamics and be able to adjust your leadership to the development stage of your team.

You will avoid energy drains by clarifying expectations, guidelines for behavior and working with values. You will be able to motivate yourself and others, build trusting and effective relationships while managing the challenges related to the management role.

You will be able to plan and execute the work of yourself and your team, both in the day to day operations and in the long-term.

The Shift - From Specialist to Manager

The Difference Between Management and Leadership


Group Dynamics

Conflict Management

Trust and Openness

Values and Ethics


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