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LLMs with Google Cloud and Python

Learn to use Google Cloud's latest LLM models in Google Cloud Platform and with Python!
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Jose Portilla
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Gain a comprehensive understanding of how large language models function, along with their core components and mechanisms.
Master the setup and utilization of Large Language Models on the Google Cloud platform, including understanding the pricing structure and model options.
Develop the ability to effectively use Vertex AI's Python LLM API, understanding and implementing various parameters like token limit, temperature, and more.
Acquire practical skills in designing and developing a customer service chatbot using generative AI, ensuring it meets industry standards.
Delve into the nuances of coding models, from generating prompts to ensuring accurate code completions, enhancing your skill set as a developer.
Understand the art and science of prompt engineering, learning to structure, ideate, and transform prompts for tasks such as summarization, classification, extr
Learn advanced techniques in text-embedding and context injection, gaining proficiency in similarity searches and context-based prompting.
Enhance your ability to fine-tune models using the Google Cloud Console, ensuring optimal performance and outcomes for specific tasks and applications.

Unlock the Hidden Potential of Large Language Models with this Google Cloud Course!

Step into the transformative realm of language models and learn how to harness their expansive potential with Google Cloud and Python. This in-depth Udemy course offers a perfect fusion of theoretical insights and practical skills.

About the Course:

The course kicks off with a solid foundation in Large Language Models, helping students understand their complexity and functioning. As you delve into the main modules, you will become proficient in using the Google Cloud platform, effortlessly navigating the Generative AI Studio, comprehending its pricing, and selecting the best model for your needs. The course also delves into effective methods for Zero, One, and Few Shot Prompting, offering a comprehensive learning journey.

We then explore the nuances of the Vertex AI Python LLM API, shedding light on parameters essential for fine-tuning models to peak performance. You’ll learn about everything from token limits to temperature settings and sophisticated stop sequences in great detail.

A highlight of this course is the practical labs, where students can create various tools, such as an advanced Customer Service Chatbot and a state-of-the-art Translation and Summarization AI Bot. These labs go beyond coding, applying theoretical knowledge to tangible, real-world applications.

The course also ventures into the captivating area of prompt engineering. Students will learn to craft effective prompts for tasks like summarization and extraction. In addition, you’ll explore text embeddings, learning about context injection in prompts and boosting model accuracy with similarity searches!

By the end of the course, students will have the skills to customize their models in the Google Cloud Console, tailoring them to their specific objectives.

Who Should Enroll?

This course is ideal for AI enthusiasts looking to broaden their knowledge, developers who want to integrate advanced language models into their projects seamlessly, and anyone fascinated by the wonders of Google Cloud and Python in AI.

Your Future Is Here!

Begin a journey that combines deep theoretical knowledge with practical expertise. With its expert-led instruction and structured modules, this course is a guiding light for those passionate about the wonders of language models.

Decide today and shape your future.

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