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Generative AI ChatGPT |Google Gemini for Software Engineers

Understand how Software Engineers can leverage Generative AI with practical examples and some futuristic use cases
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Dan Andrei Bucureanu
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Main Features of BARD AI
Main Features of CHAT GPT
Setup CI/CD pipelines
Generative AI for Quality Engineering
Create a full performance test framework with Jmeter in the cloud with CHATGPT
Create a full API Testing test framework with Jmeter and RESTAssured in the cloud with Google BARD
Setup test tools with Google BARD
Improve efficiency of working with Google BARD
Connect to CHAT GPT API
Train your own instance of GPT
Gen AI example 1 - Story Enhancement
Gen AI example 2 - Self Healing Code
Gen AI example 3 - Production Recursive Testing
Gen AI example 4 - Self Service Bot
Gen AI example 5 - Recommendation Engine for E-commerce
Example of Different models and usage based on ML type
Understand Machine learning
Improve Test automation with ChatGPT and Google BARD
How to use ChatGPT and Google BARD for Quality Engineering

This introductory course is designed specifically for Software Quality Engineers interested in leveraging the power of Generative AI to enhance their testing, automation, and productivity.

Throughout the course, participants will learn how to apply Generative AI techniques to automate the generation of test cases, simulate user behavior, create user stories, and generate test data. The course will provide a practical understanding of how AI can be used to improve software quality and boost productivity, rather than focusing on the underlying AI algorithms and models.


  1. Understanding Generative AI: An overview of Generative AI and its applications in software testing and quality assurance.

  2. Automated Test Generation: Learn how to use Generative AI to automatically generate a variety of test cases, reducing manual effort and increasing test coverage.

  3. API Access for Chat GPT and Google Bard: Understand how to call Bard and GPT with the help of customer made consumers

  4. Automated User Story Creation: Understand how Generative AI can be used to generate user stories, helping to streamline the requirements gathering and software development process.

  5. Test Data Creation: Learn how Generative AI can be used to generate test data, ensuring comprehensive and effective testing while saving time and effort.

  6. Code Investigation: Discover how Generative AI can assist in investigating complex code, identifying potential issues, and understanding code dependencies.

  7. Code Explanation: Learn how Generative AI can be used to explain code behavior, making it easier to understand complex code and improve code quality.

  8. Boosting Productivity: Understand how these Generative AI techniques can be integrated into your existing workflows to boost productivity, improve software quality, and accelerate delivery times.

  9. [Practical] See how to create a Performance testing Framework with CI/CD on cloud with AI

  10. [Practical] Create an API Testing Framework with Java and RESTAssured with AI

  11. [Practical] Code Quality Validation Framework for Java

  12. See differences between CHATGPT and GOOGLE BARD

  13. Google Cloud AI solution with model training – Vertex AI

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