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Building a Digital Business Strategy

Learn to develop and align digital business strategies for products, marketing and operations.
Lead their company in defining an integrated digital business strategy

This course will help you quickly establish a company wide vision and framework for developing and implementing a winning digital business strategy.

Align Your Company on Developing a Successful Digital Business Strategy

  • Learn what an integrated digital business strategy is
  • Learn why an integrated strategy is critical and how to communicate it
  • Align your company on the process required to create a winning strategy

This course helps you understand, communicate and build the consensus required for your company to develop and execute a successful digital business strategy.

It is designed to provide you the insight you need to help your company understand and support the development of integrated digital strategies for products, marketing, operations and develop the competencies required to sustain digital leadership.

It includes 19 lectures, discussion guides and work books that help you organize and execute quickly and effectively.

This is Part One of a Two-Part course titled “Kick Start Your Digital Strategy and Transformation Program”.

Part One includes:

  • Market drivers and digital disruption
  • Transformational opportunities and threats
  • Working with visionary customers and partners
  • Development of transformational digital product, marketing, and operational systems strategies.
  • Capabilities and competencies required to build and sustain your company’s role as a digital leader including:
  • “Always-On” Customer and Technology Insight
  • Leading Edge Data / Analytics
  • Continual Innovation
  • Development of a Digital Culture
  • And, and overview of the key phases of digital transformation


Part Two titled “Defining a Digital Transformation Roadmap”, provides an in-depth guide to developing a phased digital transformation program. Part Two is available for purchase separately. Part One & Two may be purchased together for a discount under the title “Kick Start Your Digital Strategy and Transformation Program”.

These courses are part of the “Competing for the Digital Future Leadership Program for Digital Strategy and Transformation”. The program passes on lessons based on years of experience working within Silicon Valley for companies like Apple and Adobe as well as startups, helping them and their customers transform emerging technologies into business momentum

The Competing for the Digital Future Leadership Program will save you and your company months of precious time by helping you organize and align the efforts required to set your company on a path to digital leadership and avoid the pitfalls that lead to digital disruption.

Course Overview

Course Overview

Provides students with a framework for developing a successful digital strategy and transformation program

Help them develop a shared vision for creating a successful digital strategy and transformation program

As a result of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Align the organization for success
  • Understand, communicate, and support the core principals required to develop a successful digital leadership, strategy and transformation
  • Facilitate executive and departmental discussion
  • Conduct an assessment organization's current strategy
  • Develop and initial strategy, priorities, and roadmap for developing a transformation program

Strategic Building Blocks

Introduction to Strategic Building Blocks

Establishes the strategic building blocks for developing a successful digital strategy and transformation program which are required to reduce the impact of those holding onto the status quo and to open the company to new possibilities

• Objectivity and openness

• Agreement on a framework for success

• Surface new “digital” business drivers and trends

• Development of strategic scenarios

• Identify new and emerging opportunities and requirements

• Set context for digital future

Business and Technical Drivers

Overview of digital leadership, strategy, and transformation

When completed the team will be able to define and discuss key concepts including:

• Digital transformation drivers

• Digital strategy

• Keys to success

Business and Technical Drivers - Quiz
Digital Disruption vs Digital Leadership

Introduce examples of digital disruption and leadership and the factors driving them

Team will be able to discuss and identify similarities from the following to their company's situation:

• Examples

• Differences

• Factors

Digital Disruption vs Digital Leadership - Quiz
Visionary Customers

Introduce visionary customers and their importance

Team will be able to understand the importance of visionary customers and their impact on the company's digital future and strategy

• What a visionary customer is

• Why are they important

• Identify your visionary customers

Visionary Customers - Quiz
Digital Ecosystems

Understand what digital ecosystems are and their role as strategic building blocks

Team will be able to discuss and assess the impacts of digital ecosystems

• What is a digital ecosystems

• How they impact industry value chains, jobs, and customer behavior

Digital Ecosystems - Quiz
Transformational Discovery

Introduce team to Transformational Discovery and its importance to your company

Team will understand transformational discovery and its value

• Transformational discovery

• High value customer outcomes

• Outcome based customer segmentation

Transformational Discovery - Quiz

Digital Core

Introduction to the Digital Core

Understand what the “Digital Core” is and how it needs to be transformed

Team will be able to discuss “Digital Core and importance of transformation

• What the digital core is composed of

• What it's roleis in creating customer value is

• What the focus of is transformation needs to be

Introduction to the Digital Core - Quiz

Understand and discuss transformative product strategy

Team will be able to discuss transformative product strategy including

• Outcome based design

• Data / Analytics

• Visionary partners

Products - Quiz
Customer Journey and Marketing

Understand the importance of the customer journey to digital strategy / transformation

Team will be able to discuss

• Changing buyer behavior

• Content marketing challenges

• Persona and outcome based marketing

• The customer journey

• Data / Analytics

• Transformative marketing strategy

Customer Journey and Marketing - Quiz
Operational Systems

Understand the value of transformative design / investment for operational systems

Team will be able to discuss a transformative approach to operational systems

• Goal of transformative system design / investment

• Impact of transformative technology and participation in digital ecosystems

• Alignment with digital strategy

Operational Systems - Quiz

Digital Leadership Competencies

Introduction to Digital Leadership Competencies

Understand what digital leadership competencies are and their importance

Team will be able to discuss

• Digital leadership competencies

• Why they are critical

• How they are developed

Introduction to Digital Leadership Competencies - Quiz
Customer Insight

Understand what Always-On Customer Insight is and assess its value

Team will be able to discuss

• Drawbacks of traditional research

• Goal of Always-On customer insight

• Importance of focusing on visionary customers

Customer Insight - Quiz
Technology Insight

Understand the importance and value of Always-On Technology Insight

Team will be able to discuss

• What Always-On Technology Insight is

• How to assess its impact

• Alternative approaches

Technology Insight - Quiz
Data & Analytics

Understand the importance and value of Transformative Data / Analytics

Team will be able to discuss

• Increasing importance of data / analytics

• Sources of data; product, ecosystems, marketing, operational systems

• The evolution of data / analytics

Data & Analytics - Quiz
Continual Innovation

Understand transformative innovation and its value

Team will be able to discuss

• Why continual innovation is mission critical

• The focus for transformative innovation

• The role of culture in innovation

Continual Innovation - Quiz
Digital Culture

Understand what digital culture is and why it's important

Team will be able to discuss

• What digital culture is and why it's so critical to company success

• The role of vision and value

• Why enabling a networked culture is critical

Digital Culture - Quiz

Digital Transformation Phases

Transformation Program Introduction

Understand digital transformation goals and what is required to make it successful

Team will be able to discuss

• Digital transformation's goals

• Keys to success

• Digital transformation phases

Transformation Program Introduction - Quiz



This section summarizes key points from the courses lessons

Summary - Quiz
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